A bike may look great, but unless it’s working properly it’s just another piece of furniture taking up space in your garage or living room. If your bike is hurting for a tune-up, our mechanics have the tools and experience to send you safely back onto the road. Our rates are competitive, and we have an unbeatable 24h turnaround time on all tune-ups!

in 24 hours

 We are proud to be the only bike shop in Edmonton to offer 24h turnaround on tune-ups. We get that you don’t want to wait weeks to get your bike back from the shop, so we guarantee to have it back the next day, or it’s on us! Learn more about our Tune Up Packages below.

from top to tail

Does your bike need some love? We can give it the treatment it deserves and send it back on its way to cruise the streets again. We offer full maintenance services to any kind of bike. Contact us to find out more about our  maintenance services.

Tune-up Packages



Brakes, Gears, Bearings



Wheels, Brakes, Gears, Bearings



Drivetrain, Wheels, Brakes, Gears, Bearings

Adjust front and rear hub bearings checkmark checkmark checkmark
Adjust gears and shifters. Align derailleur hanger. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Lubricate pivot points checkmark checkmark checkmark
Adjust brake pads and cable tension, clean braking surface if required checkmark checkmark checkmark
Adjust headset bearings as required checkmark checkmark checkmark
Flat repair/installing tires checkmark checkmark checkmark
Check that all nuts and bolts are properly
checkmark checkmark checkmark
Installation of most parts as required checkmark checkmark
Radial and lateral truing of wheels checkmark checkmark
Checking that wheels are dished properly checkmark checkmark
Adjust spoke tension on wheels checkmark checkmark
Clean and lubricate chain checkmark
Clean frame and inspect for damage checkmark
Apply fresh grease to headset bearings, install new bearings as required checkmark
Apply fresh grease to front and rear hubs, install new bearings as required checkmark
Lubricate gear and brake cables as required checkmark

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