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If you’ve always had a passion for bikes and are interested in working as a bike mechanic, or if you simply want to strengthen the mechanic skills you already possess, this fun and informative course is worth checking out! Bike Mechanic Skills 101 is a hands-on 6 hour course split over two days that covers the fundamental knowledge and abilities that a 1st year mechanic needs in order to be successful in the industry:

1. Shop Safety

2. Intro to bicycle mechanic tools

  • Matching the right tool with the right job


3. Changing tires

  • Tire change fundamentals; presta vs shrader
  • Proper valve angle alignment and installing the tire on the rim, directionally and in relation to the valve
  • Diagnosing common causes of flat tires


4. Wheels

  • Theory and practice laterally and radially truing a wheel
  • Diagnosing when a wheel is no longer serviceable
  • Adjusting spoke tension and dish
  • Adjusting the preload on front and rear hub bearings, intro to repacking hubs.
  • Quick release fundamentals


5. Bottom Brackets

  • Types; diagnosis and replacement


6. Drivetrain

  • Types and widths of chain
  • Intro to cassettes and freewheels
  • Removing crank arms
  • Derailleur types and proper alignment
  • Diagnosing when a drivetrain component is no longer serviceable
  • Common shifting issues
  • Replacing cables and housing
  • Fundamentals of limit screws and barrel adjusters
  • Derailleur hanger alignment


7. Brakes

  • Intro to replacing pads for disc, caliper, cantilever and v-brakes
  • Replacing cables and housing
  • Common braking issues
  • Adjusting toe-in
  • Bleeding hydraulic brakes


8. Headsets

  • Types, diagnosis and installation
  • Adjusting preload on threaded and threadless headsets


9. Miscellaneous

  • Seat height and angle adjustment
  • Handlebar and brake lever angle alignment
  • Matching geometry with different styles of riding
  • Teaching customers about basic maintenance
  • Installing accessories
  • Intro to wrapping bartape
  • Intro to hydraulic suspension


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